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Written by Katrina Belcher   

Tate vs. RouseyIn a much anticipated by some, contested by others, match, Strikeforce© Women's Bantamweight Champion, Miesha Tate, returns to take on submission specialist Ronda Rousey on Saturday, March 3, 2012.

This event will be held live at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. If you want to get tickets to this event, and who doesn't, they start going on sale TOMORROW, January 18th at 10am EST. Go here for additional information.

In case you've been on vacation, with no computer around, with your head in the sand and no access to Facebook or Twitter, you might not have heard: WOMEN'S MMA IS CALIENTE right now, and we have our very own version of "Chael Sonnen vs. Everybody" going on with this fight hookup.

The main issue comes from the fact that Ronda Rousey is getting this fight at all, given her inexperience, new entrance onto the WMMA scene, and the fact Sarah Kaufman not only has been around longer and has been fighting her way up the ladder (and in fact is a rung on the WMMA ladder most fighters aspire to...), and most people feel she was more deserving, but the fight had had already been promised to her!

Along comes Rowdy Ronda Rousey with an ego to rival Chael Sonnen and a mouth to match, practically shouting "But I'm prettier, I look good next to Miesha Tate, AND our fight would be much more marketable!" and cha-ching - she gets the match.


But seriously, what's not to love? Think about it: Strikeforce© is a for-profit entity. If Scott Coker feels there's money to be made with this match, especially given the ringside animosity and excitement it's created, then he's doing something right by setting it up. At this point, it's pretty much happeneing, so no matter how much you may or may not agree with the match - you KNOW you're going to watch it, right?!

And check it out - Tate vs. Rousey is THE headliner on the main card! AND people are talking about Women's MMA. And WMMA is all a-twitter. ;-)

Tate is 12-2; Rousey is only 4-0; Kaufman is 14-1, so there's no doubt Tate vs. Kaufman, at least on paper, appears to be the better match at this point in time to just about everyone.

But Rousey's been talking like she feels she can bring it and whip Tate, and now she's getting the opportunity, so let's see what she does. If Tate's ever been motivated to kick someone's ass back, it's now, so I suspect between the two, this is going to be one hell of a fight!

Rousey might have some awesome submission skills, but Tate is not only comfortable on the ground, she's stubborn, ticked off, AND she's got some stand up skills. She's not going to just hand her arm over to Rousey. If Rousey wants it, she's going to have to fight for it...and that's what we want.

So is Kaufman more deserving of this match right now? Yes - no doubt about it. But she's going to have to wait, and instead fight the winner of Tate vs. Rousey.

Hopefully they'll make that one a Headliner as well!

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